Meet the team

Director - Clare Juland - a young entrepreneur who has lived in Rugby for 25 years.  A keen science fiction enthusiast, Clare has successfully organised conventions and raised over £600 for charity.  On the back of this success Clare founded Infinity 7 Events and has lots more events planned for the future.  Watch this space!

We believe that in order for customers to understand the value of something, they must be able to see, touch and experience it.

Our passion is creating these opportunities and working with our customers to make the process as simple and effective as possible. 

I N F I N I T Y  7  E V E N T S  L T D

About Us

Let the show begin

Infinity 7 Events Ltd works with a number of local and national organisations to create events with a unique personality.  We are focussed on style and quality as well as being committed to bringing the best possible experience to the event visitor and stallholder.

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